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Safe X System creates new ITS-solution for Norra Backa

Borlänges new shopping area Norra Backa is under construction with associated infrastructure such as a driveway with a tunnel leading to the area. Since the tunnel is limited in height, drivers of high vehicles such as trucks and trailers risk damage and/or getting stuck. Borlänge-based company Safe X Systems has created a solution to help truck drivers choose the right way when approaching the tunnel. 

Safe X System is (except a member of ITSdalarna) a small but innovative developer and manufacturer of ITS products such as VMS signs and safe crossing systems. During the last years they have also developed ITS systems for industrial use, such as height indicators and warning systems. It is one of these solutions that is now stepping outside the industrial environment and into road traffic. 

The height warning system combines roadside sensors with warning lights and signs that light up and flash when a vehicle too high approaches the tunnel. As the vehicle passes the sensor, a wireless signal is sent to the signs, which light up immediately together with a sign indicating an exit from the entrance, so the driver will not have to stop and back up along the driveway.

The system is assembled and ready and now there is a curious wait until spring 2013, when the entrance is opened to traffic. The system has been met with great interest from local authorities in other parts of the country (and world) and the employees at Safe X System currently has a pleasant problem: They barely have time to themselves to sell and fit at the same rate as the orders come.

In and around Borlänge and along the E16 are already many examples of ITS solutions and it is obviously super fun when a new, smart system sees the light right in Dalarna!


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